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Candidate Management System

Candidate Management System (CMS)

At Recruitment Boss we offer our clients our unique Candidate Management System (CMS), which is our specialist software that allows you to manage and shortlist applicants with ease and efficiency.

How it Works

The CMS allows you to have complete control of the recruitment process by providing you with the ability to view applicants transparently and effortlessly. Once your job vacancy is live, prospective candidates can begin applying for the advertised role immediately. This central online management system saves your inbox from clutter.  For each advertising campaign you have 24/7 access to the CMS, so you are able to look back at your recruitment campaigns without any time restrictions.  This allows you build up your own company database of skilled candidates.

Professional & Efficient

The CMS allows you to maintain that all-important professional business image by providing you with the ability to ensure that every single applicant receives a response to their application.

CMS has been specially designed to reduce your internal recruitment and administration burden,  and therefore this will enable you to drive down your overall recruitment cost without comprising the recruitment service.

Once you have collated your applications from you recruitment campaign, as a client you will have access to your CV’s for the next 12 months at no additional cost, should you want to replace or recruit another person in a similar role

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